Sunday, 4 January 2009

Experimenting with yellowsn0w - Initial Findings

The ultimate aim of yellowsn0w at the moment (0.9.5) is to achieve the "perfect state". The perfect state is where the unlock works, even after rebooting, without user intervention, e.g. toggling Airplane mode or removing/inserting sim. It does happen but is easily lost if you remove the sim again at any point.

There are 3 other states that you will find at the moment afte installing yellowsn0w and rebooting (with your non-iphone sim inserted):

1. You see 5 dots and no carrier name. Toggling Airplane mode on-off
shows "Searching" for less than a second then back to 5 dots. This is the hardest to fix.

2. You see "Invalid Sim" displayed where the carrier name/signal should be.
This is fixed by the -r option followed by -s (using ywrapper is best).
After -s ends successfully (no resource busy), you should reboot and then wait 10 secs.

3. You see "No service" displayed. This requires the -s option only.
Then toggle airplane mode on/off.

Has anybody seen any other states or different methods of fixing the above 3 ?

Timing is very important. Waiting 60 secs+ before toggling airplane mode, sim insertion or "sliding to unlock" works best. I am still experimenting with the timings to see which works best.

I am first going to start with a universal fix for the "Invalid Sim" message.
I will post my findings in the next post.

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