Sunday, 4 January 2009

yellowsn0w - The Perfect State

What is the "Perfect State" of yellowsn0w ?

Its where the unlock remains (signal+carrier name)after reboot without user intevention. In this post I will see what can break this state.

Test 1: Swapping sim card for another.

"No Service displayed".
Followed by carrier name of new sim and full signal.
Unlock achieved.
Will now toggle airplane mode.

Test 2: Airplane ON - 10 secs - Airplane OFF.

"Searching" displayed followed by full signal and carrier name.
Will now reboot.

Test 3: After rebooting, unlock remains.

Perfect state not broken.
Will now remove sim and reboot empty.

Test 4: Reboot with no sim inserted.

Will now insert sim to see what happens.
Sim inserted.
Toggled Airplane on - 10 secs - OFF.
"Invalid Sim" displayed.
Full signal after reboot.
Will reboot again.
Still full signal.

Test 5: Same sim removed then reinserted whilst on. Reboot

No signal.
Rebooted again.
Still no signal.
Airplane toggled.
"Invalid sim"
Still no signal.
yellowsn0w -r
yellowsn0w -s (until successful)
Signal returned.

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